why join?

Here're some saucy reasons, in no particular order, why to subscribe to my shit:

  1. I love you
  2. You love me
  3. It's good shit
  4. You want to love me, and you're not sure if you do yet, so you want to try me out for a little while (you can leave me whenever you want; I never needed you anyway...)
  5. You like my writing and whatever the fuck else I do here and you want to get blasted with emails every time I put out something fresh (you can turn that off by the way — but really, why would you?)
  6. You hate and despise my work, you believe it's the worst most atrocious scum to ever be regurgitated into your awareness by the collective unconscious — and you enjoy the irony of paying me to continue producing such garbage
  7. Your money has nothing better to do, so why not?
  8. I take it back! I need you, please!
  9. I'm kinda maybe sorta funny and you enjoy that
  10. I have good ideas and you want to support them flourishing in beneficial ways
  11. You want special access to content that only paying members get
  12. You want to help a magickal creator being such as myself thrive and prosper in this borderline dystopian consumerist society
  13. You know that energy flows where attention goes and so you want to direct your attention toward something hopeful, beautiful, and wholistically entertaining – me – to help transform said borderline dystopian consumerist society into a more magickal, mindful, meaningful world for all beings
  14. You want to remember how truly astoundingly marvelous your life is
  15. You want to get to know me better

That's all I got for now. If those reasons aren't enough, well...

Go fuck find yourself something you like better, something that brings you joy and facilitates wellbeing in your life.

I respect your decision.



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