Services ☀️

Healing & Magick Services offered by Devin.

DISCLAIMER: These services are not a substitute for licensed medical or mental health treatment. These services are intended ONLY for education, entertainment, and life enrichment purposes.

These services are designed to build upon each other, to carry you higher and deeper into your knowledge of self and your embodiment of the Divine Masculine.

You can purchase any of these services individually, as often as serves you.

You can also purchase a "Full Package," which gives you one of each, and unfolds over a 5-week journey.

Once you experience a Gateway Activation Session, you are eligible to be invited to work with Devin at coaching capacity, which is far more intensive and requires deeper commitment to the work of self-transformation.

Enjoy 💚

Discovery Session

Free — Get clear about what you really, really want

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Divination Session

$33 — Consult the Runes for clarity on your situation

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Energy Healing Session

$55 — Gentle, powerful, integrative healing conversation

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Hypnosis Session

$127 — Engage your infinite creative intelligence

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Past Life Regression Session

$181 — Visit a previous life to enrich your present life

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Gateway Activation Session

$250 — Open the inner gateway to your deepest desires and highest dreams

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Custom Hypnosis Audio

$75 — Professional grade, aligned with your unique intention

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Custom Sigil Magick

$100 — Super effective, aligned with your unique intention

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