Greetings, Traveler.

My website is receiving a makeover.

Quite reflective of the internal makeover presently being thrust upon me by my life.

I am grateful.

As I continue scheming up ways to shower you with cosmic bliss and ancient wisdom, our monthly hypnosis calls – which I may being calling "monthly magic calls" (magic-calls... magicalls...?) – shall continue as planned. Hooray.

I am being shown through many signs both mundane and divine that I must must must embrace my true nature as an artist, lest I suffer a thousand deaths of my soul in each waking moment.

. . .

Yeah fuck that. Soooo I am doing my best to create and express and JUST BE my artist self. Changing this website around is a part of that. Changing my services is a part of that. Changing my behaviors too, is a part of that.

I am happy to have you along for the ride, for as long as you wish to be, Traveler.

I'll be seeing you.



more magic - coming soon!

website makeover, omens of change, and being an artist