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Ahoy, Traveler!

I decided to treat myself last week, so I went alone to a local restaurant and sat at the bar.

About 15 minutes later a man sat next to me and we began talking about this and that, and he asked that (in)famous question:

What do you do?

(I'll save my words about why I dislike this question for another time.)

I told him I'm a coach, and he replied, "Oh! What do you coach?"

After a quick clarifying statement, he said, "Oh, so, you're a life coach then?"

I left it at that. Explaining any more would have felt cumbersome to the conversation in that moment...

But it really got me thinking...

I feel that the title “coach” is fairly accurate for what I do, but if it isn't specific enough to tell people what kind of professional work I do, then what else could I say?

"Life Coach" doesn't really contain my full spectrum perspective and approach to coaching. It seems to lack something. It only points to one side of this human existence.

And a major aspect of my approach to serving others as a coach is my nondual perspective, which honors the Full Spectrum of our experience here as human beings.

We tend to favor one side of the perceived polarity more than the other–or even reject the other side completely, pretending it has no place in our reality...

until it makes its presence known beyond any doubt, often by surprise.

I thought about this for some time...

If not "Life Coach," then...

Aha! "Life and Death Coach!"

What better way to honor the full picture of being human? We so often wish to live a good life–

but how often do we consciously wish to die a good death?

And can we see how these two desires are inextricable?

Can we be content and pleased with our death if we have not lived a fulfilling life?

Can we truly honor and appreciate our life without fully acknowledging that death is guaranteed?


Life and Death Coaching

Personally, I have felt very close with Death for the past 10 years of my life. Death is in my awareness nearly all of the time, not in a fearful way, but simply there in my awareness.

There was a time in 2013 when I nearly ended my own life because I saw no way out of my very challenging situation...

I chose otherwise, thankfully. And I feel that my journey through that Dark Abyss has granted me  invaluable wisdom.

I invoke from this deep well of wisdom when I work with my clients, especially when I can feel that darkness brewing within their energy.

Most of us do not understand how to integrate our darkness in a healthy and holistic way.

Most of us fear the darkness within ourselves, try to run from it, or shove it deeper down and out of mind.

This may seem to work for some time, but the shadow finds a way to make itself known. And it's far more beneficial to navigate this process consciously, than to let those powerful unconscious energies spill out sideways into your precious life.

It helps to work with someone who has been there before–and who navigates these energies often, cultivating the skills needed to sail the vast psychic seas of mind, energy, and consciousness.

If you or someone you know would benefit from working with such a practitioner, one who understands the divine interplay of the light and the dark, of life and death...

... perhaps what we might call, a "Life and Death Coach" 👀...

please work with me to navigate those waters more gracefully.

And a special shout out to my brothers: learning the art of navigating your emotions is one of the most integrated masculine goals you can ever seek to achieve. Help is here for you, if you should choose to accept it.

I could say much more about the work I do, but let's keep it short and bittersweet for now (honoring that full spectrum flavor 😉).

I am wishing you wellness in all ways, always. Until next time, farewell, Traveler.


life and death coaching🌱💀

A nondual full-spectrum approach to navigating human being.