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Welcome to the fourth article in my Hypnosis Series.

While the previous article was about your frame and worldview in general, this article will explain a simple and powerful technique – one which you may have already used unknowingly – for altering your frame.

This technique is aptly called...


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What Is A Reframe?

As we learned in Article Three of this Hypnosis Series, your frame is the metaphorical container for your worldview.

Your frame is composed of your beliefs, most of which are unconscious beliefs.

Your frame influences and affects the way you experience reality.

And when you change your perspective, you can become more conscious of your frame, thus enabling you to adjust your frame.

This perspective shift is a reframe.

Turn That Frown Upside-Down

Although this may not always (hardly ever?) be the most helpful approach, this common saying effectively captures the essence of one kind of reframe.

Many people get stuck in a pessimistic frame, for one reason or another, and this pessimism tints their entire worldview. Everything that they experience must pass through this pessimistic filter. Thus, their life is experienced by them as being full of hopelessness, victimization, sadness, and the like.

We can reframe this pessimistic perspective into one which is more optimistic.

But how?

That can seem impossible for someone who is so deeply boxed into their frame of unconscious beliefs.

If you have ever been depressed, you know this.

It takes some mental and emotional effort, but one way to reframe a pessimistic worldview is to consciously bring one's attention to explicitly positive and enjoyable experiences, both in memory and in the present moment.

Once that pleasant and positive experience is the focus of one's attention, we could use our technique from Article Two, affirmation, to leverage this experience and reprogram the mind to accept more and more the truth that our experience of reality can actually be pleasant and positive.

Do this again, and again, and again as a daily practice, and you will change your frame.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

And by box, I mean frame.

As I said, we tend to get boxed into a certain frame, and so we have a certain worldview and a certain experience of reality.

Once you understand that literally everything you experience is unique to you and your frame, then you can begin to play with new frames.

The knowledge of this "framed reality" alone is enough to initiate a perspective shift.

All it takes is to accept that the way you experience your world is a function of the years of programming you have received.

Own this, claim responsibility for it, and then realize that you have the power to change it – to reprogram your mind and thus intentionally alter your experience of reality to align with what you truly desire.

Simple, right? 😉

What Was Bad Is Now Good

I made a post about an old story which teaches that "good" and "bad" are not as clear as we might think.

Applying that ancient wisdom here, we can reframe "bad" experiences as "good" experiences.

Although, let's replace these terms with "disempowering" and "empowering," respectively.

This is far less challenging to achieve with experiences you have already had. You can take a painful memory, acknowledge how that time in your life has, in hindsight, helped you to truly evolve and grow, and transmute the pain into gratitude.

This is more challenging with present moment experiences. With practice, though, you can apply a nonjudgmental (not bad nor good, simply is) approach to unpleasant experiences as they unfold in real-time, holding them within the frame that everything is serving you, even the painful moments.


As you explore your frame and play around with reframing your worldview, it is very important to remember this:

You are human in this life.

And this life is rich with a dualistic plethora of all kinds of experiences.

Reframing is not about only having pleasant experiences.

Reframing is a technique for empowering oneself even in the midst of challenging moments, and healing patterns that no longer serve one's evolution and growth.

As humans, we are meant to experience a vast dynamic range of emotions and sensations – and integrate them.

Thus, becoming whole.

In other words: feel the feels, no matter how they feel. Feel everything as fully and consciously as possible – without indulging – and you will find yourself feeling more powerful than ever before.

I am wishing you wellness in all ways, always.

Until next time, farewell, Traveler.

In Love,


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