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We've made it to the third article in this Hypnosis Series! Fantastic.

So far, we've learned the very basics about hypnosis, and a little bit about affirmations.

The topic of hypnosis and all it relates to could easily span many lifetimes of study...

And I know you don't have that kind of time, so my intention with this Hypnosis Series is to condense all of my knowledge and wisdom relating to hypnosis – especially practical knowledge and wisdom which you can put to use immediately – into these very digestible articles for your learning pleasure and lifelong benefit.

(Keep reading my blog, however, and you may just discover that you actually do have lifetimes' worth of time for study 😉.)

In this third article in my Hypnosis Series, I will be sharing with you not a technique, but a perspective which you can apply to your entire experience of reality.

In this article, I will explain the concept of a frame.

Please note: Everything I share in this series (and throughout all content I publish across all platforms and mediums) is based in my own opinion and perspective. Independent research is highly encouraged!


Let's go deeper...

What Is A Frame?

A frame is—

Wait. Hold up. I need to explain something else first:

What Is A Model?

This could easily be an article of its own (and maybe it will be), but for now I will give this short definition, just so we can be on the same page.

A model is, simply put, a way or system or framework for understanding something – anything really. We use models to explain the unexplainable.

We have models for everything: a "model of the universe," a "model of atoms," and as a hypnotist, I use a "model of the mind."

Models go by different names: “theory,” “map,” and others.

When I write or speak about hypnosis and the mind, I am using models.

Now, a model is exactly that – a model. Not the actual real thing. Some famous philosophers would say we can never know the real thing, only the models we have in our minds...

But I digress. To stay on target here, I'll conclude this aside with one last statement:

The map is not the territory, and models are meant to be replaced.

Now, back to...

What Is A Frame?

Within the model of hypnosis, psychology, and neuro-linguistic programming, a frame is the container for your worldview. Like this:

Your frame is composed of all of your beliefs, most of which are unconscious and exist outside of your awareness, running the whole show from behind the scenes.

Your frame, being composed of beliefs, holds and shapes your worldview. And you, Dear Traveler, witness your worldview by peering through your frame. Like this:

I explained what a "model" is in this hypnotic context because I am using a simple model here to explain the concept of a frame.

You (probably) aren't actually physically staring through a window-like frame into the scene of your worldview (although you might be, in some metaphysical dimension of existence...), but using a model like this helps to convey this abstract knowledge.

What Is A Worldview?

Your worldview is what's "inside" of your frame. It informs how you experience reality.

We often use "worldview" and "beliefs" interchangeably, but for the purpose of explaining to you the concept of a frame, let’s consider them as separate for now.

You can think of this worldview-frame dynamic as similar to a picture-frame dynamic: you have a nice photo or painting, and you place it inside of a frame to alter the overall aesthetic experience of it.

The kind of frame you choose to place around a painting or photo can dramatically change the experience of what's within the frame. Often, the frame around a work of art is treated as part of the art, not separate from it.

It's the same with your frame, and your worldview.

However! There is one major difference between the picture-frame dynamic and the worldview-frame dynamic...

Most people are so close to their worldview, they can't even see their frame!

Do you know what this means?

What If I Can't See My Frame?

Remember: your frame is composed of your beliefs – most of which are unconscious!

And why are these beliefs unconscious?

Because you are too close to your frame!

I acknowledge that I am using a model of my own design to explain (in a rather circular fashion) why most of your beliefs are unconscious.

Please treat this humorously, and bear with me.

We use models to explain things that are beyond explanation. That is to say, I don't know why beliefs become unconscious, nor does anyone else. It is simply a mechanism of the human mind. We can theorize all day about it.

For now, I am using this model to explain – not the why – but the what (the fuck is going on).


If you can't see your frame, then you can't see the very beliefs which hold and shape and inform your worldview.

That means you can't understand why you experience reality the way you do, why you like what you like and dislike what you dislike, nor why you have such a crushing and irrational fear of empty mugs.

👀 Oh. Is that just me?

Well, the joke is on you, mug. Because I know exactly why I am afraid of you.

Pssst. Hey, Traveler. Do you want to know how I know why I am afraid of empty mugs?

(I’m not really. But I‌ could have been. Any irrational fear could be informed by unconscious beliefs and past experiences turned into perpetual patterns. What I am about to tell you still holds up.)

Gaining New Perspective On Your Frame

It is very possible to change your perspective such that you can actually see your frame. Like this:

From this new perspective, you can get a clearer look at the previously-unconscious-now-conscious beliefs that were defining your worldview, and thus your experience of reality (and your irrational fear of dog tongues).

How can you change your perspective to see your frame?

Hypnosis & Coaching

There are many ways to do this, some more accessible (and agreeable) than others.

Working with a good coach (hey there) is a great way to change your perspective and bring those pesky life-crippling beliefs into your conscious mind for proper reprogramming.

Even better if that coach knows about hypnosis and how to use it effectively.

Yes. I am talking about me. I am that coach.

If you are dang tired of wondering why the fuck does this keep happening to me, then please for the love of your divine self book a Free Discovery Session with me now.

If you're not ready to work with me yet, there are other ways to gain new perspective. Infinite ways, really.

Working with me is simply the best one.

Other Ways

Starting and maintaining a daily meditation practice is an excellent way to shift your perspective. There are plenty of resources out there to help you with this. Who knows, maybe I'll get my shit together soon and make some of those resources myself.

If you feel daring enough, psychedelics are a great option for altering your perspective. There are plenty of resources out there to help you with this too. And if I were to recommend a psychedelic to start with – which I'm not – but if I were – it would be mushrooms.

Have fun.

Powerful Life Events

One may have come to your mind upon reading those words.

If you are truly living, and not hiding under a rock, it's likely that you'll get smacked by Life in a Big Way at some point. Probably more than once.

Those unpredictable events – or perhaps predictable events with unexpected outcomes – can have a huge impact on your perspective, thus giving you greater awareness of the belief system that was holding your (now crumbling) worldview together.

Mid-life crisis, anyone?

Bringing It All Together

I'll leave you with one final model to ponder:

It goes like this:

Your perspective affects your frame affects your worldview affects your experience affects your perspective affects your...

And your experience affects your worldview affects your frame affects your perspective affects your experience affects your…

And so on, infinitely, in all directions.

I hope this article serves as an invitation to step back from your frame, if only just a little bit.

Until next time, farewell, Traveler.

In Love,


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