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This is the first of perhaps many posts in which I will share with you my knowledge of hypnosis.

Please note: Everything I share in this series (and throughout all content I publish across all platforms and mediums) is based in my own opinion and perspective. Independent research is highly encouraged!

In this post I will focus mainly on who can benefit from using hypnosis and the very basics of what hypnosis is. Let's go deeper.

How I Use Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an integral part of both my  coaching service which I offer to others, and my personal practice which I offer to myself.

I use hypnosis to help myself and my clients reprogram the mind. This could include the removal of limiting beliefs, the installation of new habits, and the processing and integration of old trauma. The intention – and the result – of using hypnosis like this is to achieve holistic wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit.

Who Can Use Hypnosis?

The short answer is: everyone.

The longer answer is: everyone – but it requires some training. Honestly, it doesn't take much time to learn some hypnosis techniques you can start using immediately to support your own wellbeing. I intend to share some of these techniques with you in future posts in this Hypnosis Series.

However, it takes a bit more practice to use hypnosis to help others. For reference, I have 500 hours of clinical hypnotherapy training from one of the best hypnotherapy schools in the country, maybe the world, the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. And I am continually educating myself on the subjects of hypnosis, coaching, and healing.

Through this Hypnosis Series, you will gain a better and deeper understanding of hypnosis and how to use it properly and effectively.

Who Can Benefit From Hypnosis?

The short answer is: everyone.

If you have a mind and an ego (and most of us do), then you can benefit from using hypnosis.

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

The short answer is...

Yes, you guessed it: everyone.

There are varying opinions about this, but my perspective is that everyone can be hypnotized.

Depending on one's state of mind and the level of rapport one has with the hypnotist, however, the "depth" of trance one experiences can be lighter or heavier, and the hypnotic phenomena can be more or less astonishing.

What Are Hypnosis & Trance?

"Trance" and "hypnosis" are not synonymous. There are varying opinions about this too, and mine is that they are different.


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring process of mind by which the mind is intentionally changed. This change could be self-directed or other-directed.

In other words, you can intentionally hypnotize yourself (self-hypnosis), you can intentionally hypnotize someone else, and someone else can intentionally hypnotize you.

It is this component of intention which sets hypnosis apart from other mind-changing processes, such as the process of learning, which can happen intentionally or unintentionally.

And, although hypnosis requires conscious intention, you don't need to be consciously aware of being hypnotized, to be hypnotized. I will explain more about this in a future post in this Hypnosis Series.


Trance is a naturally occurring state of mind in which the mind is simultaneously relaxed and focused. This allows for heightened awareness and deeper presence.

Trance states occur naturally throughout the day, especially during monotonous tasks or routines that are very familiar to you. This aspect of trance is often described as "being on auto-pilot."

You might also experience trance while playing a sport, dancing, playing music, or painting. Time expands, and it feels like you have become one with the moment. This aspect of trance is often described as "being in the zone."

Chance are, you've experienced one of these kinds of trance before. Can you remember?

Why Learn About Hypnosis?

Because hypnosis (and trance) is occurring every day of your life, and hypnosis can have a profoundly deep effect on your thoughts, your beliefs, and your whole worldview, it's beneficial for you to know more about hypnosis, how it works, how to use it, and how to guard against others using it to effect you.

My intention with this Hypnosis Series is to educate you to such a degree that you will feel confident in your practical knowledge of hypnosis, and acutely aware of when hypnosis is happening within and around you.

Thanks for reading, Traveler. Your attention is very important to me, and I encourage you to realize that your attention is the most important currency you have.

Invest it wisely 😉

In Love,  


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