Ahoy, Traveler!

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We covered a lot on this call, and the overall theme seemed to be...

The Power of Present Moment Awareness

We began with a meditation to ground ourselves more deeply into the Present Moment, as we usually do on these coaching calls...

This evolved into a talk about mindfulness meditation, and how much power is available to us within the Here and Now.

Power is the ability to influence the world, and transform intention into reality.

Let me ask you, Traveler…

Where are you right now?

When are you right now?

I hope you are right here in the present moment as you read these words, because I have something important to tell you.

We are so often somewhere else but Here, and somewhen else but Now!

We obsess about the Future (which doesn’t exist yet) and the Past (which doesn’t exist anymore).

We spread our awareness and our power very thin across the vast expanse of mind, attempting to control what is beyond our control through incessant planning and worry–

instead of being here now.

How will you change your future by being in the Future, dear Traveler?

You must be in the Present to change the Future!

And how will you heal your past by dwelling in the Past?

You must be in the Present to heal the Past!

Every choice you make in this moment is influencing your personal timeline moving forward, so isn’t it most effective to be fully present while you make those choices?

I‌ am not saying to never think about your future or remember your past. It is important to plan for tomorrow and to learn from yesterday.

However, planning for what we want to happen is most effective when we are deeply in tune with what we really want, and we tune into that by going deeper into the present moment.

That is where the True Self lives.

Healing the past can only happen when we find ourselves empowered and ready, here and now. And we arrive here and now by letting go of regret and letting ourselves just be.

Who we really are is waiting for us in the last place we would ever think to look...

Right Here. Right Now. This Present Moment.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for God, that’s where God lives too 😉

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I would love to see you there.

(And by there, I‌ mean here.)

I am wishing you wellness in all ways, always. Until next time, farewell, Traveler!


group coaching call 🔮 #6: The Power of Present Moment Awareness

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