Ahoy, Traveler!

Our magical group coaching call on November 5th was wonderful, and we had the opportunity to bring new perspective to some of our personal life situations.

MAGIC members can access the call on the Member Resources page.

I really enjoy allowing the energy of the group to guide the expression of the call. I get to practice responding intuitively to what my members bring into the container, rather than projecting a preconceived plan.

This practice, in a sense, is a practice of trust: trusting that what is most healing and beneficial will come through me and reach whoever needs to receive it, in the moment.

Upon concluding our fifth group coaching call I identified a few themes, and they are:

  1. Humility
  2. Empathy
  3. Judgment
  4. Desire


This is a theme I've noticed appearing more in my life recently.

For me, what that looks like is being witness to all of the things that are beyond my direct control, and accepting that I cannot control them.

Sometimes this even applies to my own behavior, when I become aware – often after the fact – that I have fallen into an unconscious behavioral pattern. Even if I have been working toward consciously changing that pattern, there are times when I fall back into it, and it can seem like these moments are beyond my direct control.

Although I am still responsible for my own behavior, I can recognize when my behavior was "out of control," and be humble to the powerful unconscious forces at play within my psyche.

If you've ever had this kind of experience, and you would like to work toward positively changing those unconscious behavior patterns, you would like working with me.

My extensive hypnotherapy training gives me keen insight into the unconscious mind and how to effectively communicate with it. I would love to help you bring more awareness of your whole self into your life.


A big part of this call was an empathy practice that involved "putting yourself in someone else's shoes" on a metaphysical level.

We all shared how the previous month had been for us, identified some major themes within those experiences, and then practiced imagining having those experiences ourselves.

Each member who shared their experience got to take a step back from their immediate life-story, and empathize with their own self from a third-person perspective.

Empathizing with yourself? Indeed. This is a powerful technique for unlocking previously inaccessible self-compassion. Try it sometime 😉

Keep in mind, empathy is not sympathy.

Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone else.

Empathy is feeling what someone else is feeling.

Learning and practicing true empathy can seem unnerving at first, because it involves exploring the perspective of another.

And to fully explore the perspective of another, we need to set aside our own perspective – for a little while.

To the ego, this can feel like death.

What do I mean by "ego?" Well, explaining that would take a while...

Essentially, the ego is the "little self," the character, the idea of who you are – not who you really are.

And yet, the ego is a part of you. Just not the Whole You.

If you are on the path of self-actualization and greater awareness, learning about your ego and how to work with it holistically will be of great use to you.


This is a theme that became apparent during our life-story sharing, and it was especially connected to the final theme I will mention: desire.

First, a bit about judgment.

Good or bad. Right or wrong. Better or worse. These are all judgmental polarities.

They give the impression of objective truth, as if some given thing is actually good or bad, or actually right or wrong.

Most of the time, however, we are talking about our preferences.

Preferences are personal, subjective, and are not absolute because preferences can change.

It is more accurate, truthful, and empowering, to use subjective preferential language rather than objective judgmental language.

Instead of saying, "This is bad."

We might say, "I don't like this."

Notice how speaking from the stance of "I" allows for the reclamation of personal power and the willingness to express your truth.

Compare this with the former statement, which seems to covertly rely upon some unspoken objective reality about the nature of things as good or bad in an attempt to draw power from that faux moral stance – rather than simply and truthfully stating your preference.

It can be challenging to say what we really want, for many reasons.

And it can be easier to make believe that things are actually good or bad, so that we don't take a hit for expressing our true desire.


Ah, my favorite.

Desire! The energy of, the expression of, the power of, the allowing and acceptance of desire is a big part of my work as a coach.

So much of our suffering comes from resisting, suppressing, or ignoring our true desire, leading to the extinguishing of passion and the suffocation of the will.

One of the most powerful enemies of Desire is Judgment: what is considered "good" or "bad, "acceptable" or "unacceptable," by society, by our parents and guardians, by our teachers, by authorities, by our peers, and even by our own selves.

Of course, we probably wouldn't have any judgments about our own desires if we didn't absorb those judgments from everyone else during childhood. And yet, here we are.

As a coach with over 500 hours of hypnotherapy training, I know a lot about the negative programing we receive from others. If you would like to change your mental programming and fully embrace your True Desire, you would like to work with me.


I thoroughly enjoyed our call on November 5th, and I am grateful to the MAGIC members who showed up as their authentic selves to do this work together.

What is this work?

This is the work of cultivating greater awareness of our true selves,

reclaiming our power as divine and sovereign beings of this cosmos,

reconnecting with the magic within us and around us,

and creating a more mindful, magical, meaningful world.

If you would like to be a part of that, dear Traveler, and you are not already a member of MAGIC...

here is a gift for you:

Until next time, farewell!



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group coaching call 🔮 #5: humility, empathy, judgment, and desire

A peek 👀 into our live group coaching call.