great work 💎

A special welcome to the magicians from Carolyn's community.

The Great Work, that is.

I greet you in kind, fellow magician ✨

If you are here, you probably arrived through some of Carolyn Elliott's materials: her email list, Electric YES, and so on.

This being the case, I would like to extend an extra special welcome to you. Engaging the Great Work is no easy task, not always, at least. Congratulations for all your progress up to this moment.

Here and Now I offer myself to you, as another guide along the Path to Enlightenment (a guide who is as well walking that path). I am honored to have your attention, as attention is the most valuable currency in the universe. Thank you.

If you enjoy(ed) and benefit(ted) from the Cultivating a Magickal Mind workshop I am giving (or gave, depending on when you are reading this) on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, for Carolyn's Electric YES community, then you would love working with me to transform your stuck patterns and belief systems into beautiful angelic aqueducts that more effectively channel your divine nature into the world.

the mindful mage

That's me, Devin The Mindful Mage.

It's also a legal entity, and more than that, a cosmic collective consciousness channeling magical divine prosperity throughout the universe that found me in 2015. It is now finally manifesting in this material world, and is sure to bring some beneficial vibrations.

I represent The Mindful Mage as an ambassador in my personal and professional expression, doing my best to be the most powerful channel possible for Joy, Love, Healing, and Magic entering this world now.


I bid you farewell, Traveler! Enjoy exploring the rest of my website if you so desire.

I am wishing you wellness in all ways, always.