Body Reset & Empowerment Summit

I'm speaking at an Epic Live Event called the Body Reset & Empowerment Summit on January 11th, 2023!

Body Reset & Empowerment Summit

Ahoy, Traveler!

I am happy to share something (and someone) a little different with you today! I've been invited to speak at an Epic FREE Live Event on January 11, 2023 called the Body Reset and Empowerment Summit, where myself and other experts will share our holistic knowledge and wisdom to help all who attend release stress, heal trauma, gain confidence and have better relationships with their bodies, their work, and their families and loved ones!

This powerful healing event is hosted by Holistic Embodiment Coach, Neko Three Sixty. Neko is an empowerment powerhouse: a healer, a mother, and a large and intimate scale event producer with over 17 years of experience as a certified herbalist, devoted yogini, and reiki practitioner!

She is deeply connected to Spirit, Guides, and her Ancestors, and weaves that interconnectedness into all of her offerings so that we may feel, see and LIVE that remembrance in all areas of our lives!

She is a shame tamer and helps people really step out of their shame and blame so that they can actually embody an empowered existence!

From a mental, an emotional, a physical, and an energetic perspective, Neko helps people find true alignment within and thereby genuinely and organically have and live a better life!

I am honored to have this opportunity to share my gifts with you in a new way, to work in harmony with Neko Three Sixty and all of the other experts at this summit, and to facilitate the next phase of your healing and empowerment on every level of your being: mind, body, heart, and spirit!

AND I have a complimentary ticket for YOU right HERE!

So save the dateJanuary 11, 2023! This is LIVE so you don’t want to miss it!

What a fantastic way to foster your New Year, and infuse your healing intentions deeply into your destiny!

I look forward to seeing you there!

In Love,