Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage | Artist, Writer, Teacher, Musician, Hypnotist, Mage & Metaphysician | Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Intuitive Healer.

Photo by Kat Bacchus / Taming the Tangle

Ahoy, Traveler!

I am Devin Ryback, CH, The Mindful Mage. Welcome to my website.

It's a simple website, focusing purely on the transmission of helpful and entertaining ideas and information in the form of art, writing, and other creations, with the intention that I fully embody my Whole Self in this world.

It also serves as a portal for helping people work with me, if they so desire.

As an artist and a healer, I believe it is best to integrate my personal self and my business self, so you see all of who I am, and so you have a clear idea of who you're working with – if you choose to work with me.

I aim to give you that clear idea, by laying it all out here:

who is devin?

I am Devin. Hi. Hello. Greetings and well wishes upon you ✨

I welcome you, Traveler.

what is devin?

Human, among other things:

  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Teacher
  • Magician
  • Musician
  • Hypnotist
  • Metaphysician

I am a clear and open channel for Joy, Love, Healing, and Magick entering this world now.

what does devin do?

I do my best to be rather than do.

I write, make art, make music, sing and dance, practice magick, think a lot about a lot, meditate, imagine new worlds, pray, heal, wish wellness and prosperity for all beings, forgive, study and learn, and offer all of what I am to anyone who asks.

For money, I provide healing, coaching, and consulting services, and offer subscriptions to my creations.

what is this website?

It's a way for me to share myself with you and the rest of the world.

What you may find here:

  1. Artwork
  2. Writing of all kinds about anything
  3. Helpful and/or entertaining ideas
  4. Audio recordings of my writing
  5. Music and videos (or links to them)
  6. Photography
  7. Reasons to work and heal with me

subscription tiers

As of now there are four different tiers you can join, which grant you access to various creations and offerings. Each tier adds onto the previous one. You can join a tier using the "Join" button on this website.

1. Raindrop

With the Raindrop tier you will receive new creations via email whenever they publish to my website (otherwise you need to check for yourself).

  • Email subscription to my website
  • Easy way to support a magickal creator
  • Early access to new creations
  • Access hidden artwork

2. River

The River tier allows you to access all hidden creations: writing, audio, and other multimedia. This will give you a closer look at my creative process, and a peak at new projects before anyone else gets to see.

  • Access all hidden creations
  • Audios: healing, meditation, hypnosis

3. Ocean

Joining the Ocean tier gives you access to the monthly group hypnosis call – where big healing and magick happen on the regular. I also have some magickal surprises in store for Ocean members.

  • Monthly group hypnosis call
  • Mysterious magickal surprises

how to work with devin

In essence, simply by being here and taking in this website, you already are.

If you would like to work more closely with me, please join.

If you would like to work very closely with me, book a session, or contact me about my coaching and consulting services.

how to support devin

If you enjoy my creations and presence in the world, please join.

You may also send Devin gifts of money here.

contact devin

You can always reply directly to my emails (if you are subscribed, that is).

You can also use these convenient buttons:


Thank you, Traveler, for your attention.

Attention is the most valuable currency in the whole universe.

I sincerely encourage you to spend yours wisely and intentionally.

Please enjoy this website, and the rest of your life.



about this about page

This about page seems to change rather often...

And seeing as it may continue changing,

and changing and changing,

I've begun making posts of my previous about pages to keep track of all of them.

Why merely get rid of them when I can save them? It's art, after all!

Here is the (growing?) list of previous versions:

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