About Devin 🐉

Divine Masculine Coach & Healer

Devin Tyler Ryback

Psychedelic Sage / Mindful Mage / Modern Mystic

Artist, Coach, Educator, Healer, Musician, Magician, Mystic, Writer, and Ambassador to The Mindful Mage.

It is clear that a resurgence of Divine Gender is unfolding in our modern society. In the midst of this dwells a deep invitation for men to rise to the occasion and embody the Divine Masculine.

Devin helps men discover – and create – who they really are, and embody the power of the Divine Masculine in their thoughts, words, and actions, in all aspects of their daily life.

This requires deep commitment to the work of self-transformation in alignment with a man's own true desires and intentions.

Grief and addiction are often what lie in the heart and mind of a man struggling with self-realization, and struggling to achieve a prosperous life worth sharing with – and providing to – his loved ones.

Devin works with great power and focus on the transmutation of grief and addiction, opening the gateway to harmonious relationships with everyone and everything in your life.

Especially, and most essentially, your relationship with your own self.

Using an array of magick and mental technologies, Devin holds a powerful transmutational container during session. Some of these technologies are:

  • Hypnosis / hypnotherapy
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Neurolinguistic programming
  • Hermetic science / philosophy
  • Psychedelic integration
  • Somatic awareness
  • Shadow integration
  • Narrative psychology
  • Rune magick / divination
  • Shamanism and psychomagic
  • Dragon magick / qigong

Devin is a gateway for Joy, Love, Healing, and Magic. By working with Devin, you welcome these four treasures into your life, your world, and your self, and you embrace the reality of prosperity for all beings.

With over a decade of mindfulness, magick, and spiritual practice, over 500 hours of hypnotherapy training, and a degree in Integrative Healing, Devin is well equipped to hold space for your transformation.

Degrees & Certifications

Bachelors Degree in Integrative Healing

  • 3 years at SUNY Binghamton University
  • 1  year at SUNY Empire State College
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality
  • 3.9 GPA

500 Hours Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

  • Hypnotherapy Academy of America
  • Certification of Hypnotherapy
  • Certification of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Accelerated Healing and Pain Management
  • Certification of Natal, Interlife, and Past Life Regression Therapy

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

  • Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists on June 23, 2017

Ordained Minister

  • Ordained by Universal Life Church Ministries on December 27, 2014

Additional Training & Study

Over a decade of spiritual, psychedelic, and energy healing practice

  • Practicing mindfulness meditation since 2012
  • Practicing psychedelic integration since 2012
  • Shamanic initiation in 2012, unfolding as a nearly 9-years-long journey of healing and integration
  • 10-day silent Vipassana Meditation Study in 2014
  • 1-on-1 kundalini yoga training from 2014 to 2018
  • Practicing qigong since 2015
  • Solo spiritual journeys to Peru in 2013 and 2015
  • Countless hours of metaphysical navigation through non-ordinary reality
  • Continual self-inquiry and integration work
  • Continual spiritual exploration and connection with Divine