Ahoy, Traveler!

Welcome to my personal website, which, for now, lives on Substack. Here are some other places you can find me:

Who AM I?

Ah yes, the great old question which has kept countless minds busy for ages. For the sake of convenience and pure enjoyment, I answer this way:

I am Devin Ryback. I am The Mindful Mage. I am many things. Of them, these are presently the most relevant:

  1. Personal Coach & Certified Consulting Hypnotist

  2. Modern Magician, Mystic & Spiritual Advisor

  3. Artist, Musician, Writer, Speaker & Educator

Beyond this, rather than tell you who I am, allow me to show you who I am by what I create and share.

What will you find here?

Words. Definitely words. Perhaps some artwork and images. Maybe some podcast episodes and other audios. Truly, I can’t say with certainty until it is what it is.

And even if I knew all of what I would be doing and making and sharing here, there is still no way I could tell you exactly what you will find in all of it.

What I can tell you for sure, however, is that you will find me, and, if you look closely enough (with the proper set of eyes) you will find you, too.

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My dear Traveler, there is only ever one good reason to do anything at all — because your desire carries you forth into doing it. If there is no desire within you, then please, do not bother yourself by subscribing here.

However, if your desire beckons you like misty wisps of moonlit wonder and the pulsing chime of curiosity ringing within and without, above and below, in your heart of hearts and the deepest well of your soul reflecting the wisdom of your ancient-future self throughout all time and space and beyond…

Then, by all means,


See you on the other side…

Devin The Mindful Mage

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Devin Ryback

Modern magician seriously and sincerely devoted to the Great Work. Also, here for a good time. Over a decade (lifetimes, really) of mindfulness and metaphysical navigation experience.