Hi there, Traveler.

I am taking a break from my Hypnosis Series to make a more personal post, though I still intend for it to be helpful.

And before I get into it, I would like to make it absolutely clear how grateful I am to have you reading these words Right Now:


I see how many of you receive and open my emails, and it feels great to know that you do.

Thank you.

As a creator and someone who’s growing and managing a business (one which, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know has gone through many transformations), feedback from my audience is the nourishment I need to keep going.

And now, we get into it.

Opening The Window


Struggle, struggle, struggle.

There is and has been great struggle in my life.

Not without success nor meaning, though much struggle nonetheless.

The funny thing is (not so much “ha ha” funny, but rather ironic), you wouldn’t really know it from the outside.

Perhaps you would say something similar about your life.

It seems like I have everything I need: food, water, shelter, affection from a beautiful woman.

What more could I ask for? And if I did ask for it, wouldn’t I just be ungrateful?

Well, therein lies, deep within my shadow, the issue:


But why ever would I feel ashamed?

Ha! That’s the wrong question.

It’s not logical, rather emotional.

And it was learned a long time ago, over many iterations of a pattern, sometime in my childhood.

Somehow, somewhere along the line…

I learned to be ashamed of being me.

Wow. Yeah, huh?

o u c h.

Ashamed of expressing myself creatively.

Ashamed of wanting what I want.

Ashamed of pursuing my desires.

And it’s no one’s fault, you know? I can’t really blame anyone for it. It just… happened that way.

And that’s the way it goes. We all learn what we learn as kids. When we grow up, it becomes our responsibility to use what we’ve got or change and evolve into something that serves us better.

So Here I Am

I chose this path because of everything that happened before that moment of choice.

(And this is only the past 11 years.)

I chose to explore psychedelics as a means of reaching for something beyond this mundane existence.

I found God in a mushroom, and tasted cosmic bliss.

I abused the medicine, lost my sanctity, and dropped out of college.

I went to hell and lost my mind.

I overcame a 6-month paranoid depression through daily mindfulness meditation and a 6-week solo journey to Peru.

I went back and finished college with straight A's.

I started a master of social work degree to better serve others and fucking loathed it.

I followed a deep intuitive whim and trained as a hypnotherapist instead.

I met a beautiful woman and we shared a summer of love together.

I went to Spain to pursue a master of music degree, following a dream.

I returned home halfway through, to dive deeper into love, trust, and commitment  with her (and because of covid).

I now continually recommit to this woman, and I do my best to honor the medicine of our relationship.

I’ve done all of this to find out who I am.

And you know what?

. . .

I’ve been here all along.

But not the one who spent all that time seeking. No…

The one who was actually here…

Waiting for me to come home.

The Inner Being

The spark of God within me, within you, within all of us.

It’s the part of me who loves every part of me, and holds them all in Divine Compassion.

No shame, no blame, no judgement…

Only love, love, love.

Love, support, encouragement to go on and keep evolving.

That’s all I’m really here for.

To experience, and to evolve.

I long to share it with someone, and now I have someone.

This wild life is better shared, in my opinion.


And sharing means relating.

Not even with others, necessarily, but certainly, and always, with oneself.

It’s between me and my Inner Being.

My Higher Self.

God (Universe, Source, Great Spirit, etc.)

This is THE relationship we all must embrace and nourish if we are to truly embody joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Without knowing and relating to oneself, no other relationship will ever be as fulfilling as it could be.

Closing This Window…

Big sighhhh…

Ah, dear Traveler.

You and I have traveled quite far to be right here, right now.

I know.

It’s a doozy, this one.

And isn’t that why we’re all here, hm?

For the ride.

All of the ups and downs and all-arounds.

Such a rich, rich life this is.

Who knew how deeply you could feel?

And it can hurt. I know.

And I beg you, dear Traveler…

Hold your heart open.

Bear it open and raw, on your knees, before this Great Life…

And She will meet you with grace.

We are all here to learn and grow.

We all are served our fair share (although our idea of what’s fair might be limited).

And when it all becomes so hard you think you might break—


. . .

And trust the healing.

My Offering

Dear Traveler, what I offer to you is my self and my Self.

The little Devin whose fingers type this now, and the Big Self who holds him in Divine Grace, always.

They are one and the same, as are you and You, Traveler.

It is my Life’s Work to harmonize all parts of my self and My Self. My Inner and Outer Beings. All of my Inner Children. And thus, every relationship in my life.

And it is my service to offer all that I learn on this journey, to you.

If you feel — if you really feel — that I can help you achieve harmony in your life and your relationships, you can learn more about my coaching and book a Free Discovery Session here:

Becoming New Again

There are some changes coming. Here is a glimpse:

  • InvokEden
  • Couples Coaching
  • Partnership
  • Community

And that’s all I will share for now.

Dear Traveler, if my words have moved you in any way, I would love to hear about it.

If you are reading this on my website, you can comment below.

I am wishing you wellness in all ways, always. Until next time, farewell.

In Love & Truth,
Devin The Mindful Mage


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