What's this? πŸ‘€

I want to meet you again

for the first time

like it was that summer

full of love and adventure

sinking deeply

into our aeons-long connection.

We danced and played

as one with god and goddess

and all things between us.

The cozy black hole of our love

tugging me gently

deeper and deeper

into joyful presence...

I want to meet you again

not as you were

but as you are

beyond the trappings of history

anew once more.

We can be free together

free from the past

free from the future

free in this divine moment


There is joy here

and love

as deep and wide

as the space between us.

In that I choose now to play

and be at peace in the presence of you

for we are one and the same.

Similar magnets are we

repelling our poles in fury

when all we need to do is


I take the north pole

you take the south pole

I take the south pole

you take the north pole

back and forth like this

we switch

a dance


I know we can

but will we?

I hope we do

do you?



Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage, is an artist, writer, teacher, musician, hypnotist, mage and metaphysician offering healing, coaching, and consulting for individuals, groups, and companies. To learn more about working with Devin, use the button below.

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