What's this? πŸ‘€

I will wait for you, my love.

Know this,

I will wait.

Patiently, empowered, seated deeply and grounded on my throne of self-knowledge.

King of my soul,

and my world.

On my quest for truth,

this long and winding labyrinth leading me deeper within,

I find myself.

I know myself.

And I know you, my love.

As I release you,

to be free and reign sovereign,

the true and tender ruler of your own Queendom,

I also release myself,

from all that which binds me,

all that which blinds me to my own true power.

In that liberation,

I know.

I feel.

I am.


For what is mine shall come to me,

and what is mine is my love, my love.

In waiting I discover what is.

No longer do I latch my heart to expectations nor potentials.

No – now I see what is,

and what may be,

will be,

in time…

. . .

I wait for you, my love.

Now and forever in my power...

I wait in the fullness of this moment,

and receive all the fruits of life,


May we share those fruits together,

when the time is ripe.



Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage, is an artist, magician, writer, and consulting hypnotist, offering healing, coaching, consulting, and awareness training for individuals, groups, and companies. To learn more about working with Devin, use the button below.

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