What's this? πŸ‘€

Wait for me, my love.

Please, wait for me.

For I am changing, you see.

In each new moment away and apart from you, I change and change again.

I am not the man you knew when we first met.

Nor am I the man I was when we broke apart.

I am not the man you knew...

For I am new.

My old self shuddering,

wrenching away

with each heave

and cry

of grief.

With each renewed vow to myself to make it through...

no matter what.

I am strong, stronger now than I was before.

And how bittersweet the irony that for me to grow,

grow into the man I wanted to be with you,

I had to go away...

I know, deep in the heart of my heart, that I am for you, my love,

and you are for me.

The space I feel between us,

this vast, vast space,

thick with sorrow and freedom,

is not space at all.

It is time.

And in time,

we shall come to know ourselves,

as we truly are,

as we are meant to be...


. . .

Wait for me, my love.

Please, wait for me.



Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage, is an artist, magician, writer, and consulting hypnotist, offering healing, coaching, consulting, and awareness training for individuals, groups, and companies. To learn more about working with Devin, use the button below.

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