What's this? πŸ‘€

Kings don't chase.

A dear brother of mine reminded me of this during a heart-to-heart conversation.

We shared openly of our open wounds around recent relationships, exchanged attention, held space, and received our own wisdom.

"It's not an arrogant thing," he clarified, though he didn't need to, for I felt the deep truth of it,

"It's just a reminder to sit back into your own power."

Kings don't chase. They wait, know, and trust that what is theirs shall certainly come to them.

In this challenging transition I am doing my best to remember this, to lean back and away from chasing my desires, chasing love, and instead to lean into the deep trust I have for the Great Mystery and all She contains and creates.

It is humbling to learn, again and again, that I truly have no idea what is possible.

And in that space of unknowing,

everything is possible.

"I just can't wait to be king," once said an eager lion cub...

Well, I'm no Simba. I am human in this life. And I shall do everything in my finite human power – and my infinite cosmic power – to remind myself again

and again

and again...

I am already king of my world.

And what is truly mine, shall be mine, all in Divine Timing.




Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage, is an artist, magician, writer, and consulting hypnotist, offering healing, coaching, consulting, and awareness training for individuals, groups, and companies. To learn more about working with Devin, use the button below.

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